To the Virgin Mary

Help us, O Mother of love,
In this fight against the tempter.
As he received Jesus on his lap,
Console us, Princess of Light.

On this day be our Master,
Come and give us your Mother’s Aid.
Your splendorous Humility,
We always want to imitate.

With your shining blue robe
Come protect us from the enemy,
Listen to this motherly prayer,
Out of all the danger.

Contemplating the stars of the sky,
I imagine your look.
That shines enlightening
The paths that I will pass.

Of the time that passes quickly,
We ask O Mother to free us,
Doing something that prevents
To see your Son Jesus.

Holy virgin
Faithful model
I turn my gaze
To you, to heaven

How to smell roses Maria,
Like incense that covers the altar,
Come up to you the words of love
I just told you.

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