To the Virgin Mary

Help us, O Mother of love,In this fight against the tempter.As he received Jesus on his lap,Console us, Princess of Light.On this day be our Master,Come and give us your Mother's Aid.Your splendorous Humility,We always want to imitate.With your shining blue robeCome protect us from the enemy,Listen to this motherly prayer,Out of all the danger.Contemplating … Continue lendo To the Virgin Mary

To the beautiful Notre-Dame

Oh if the tears that roll on my face They could put out the fire of Notre-Dame ...The heart is tight with the tragedy in ParisThe sorrowful soul seeks to wake up from this terrible nightmareThat seems to have no end...Awake the little angels of heavenAnd let your tears join those of the people of … Continue lendo To the beautiful Notre-Dame

My Flower

Singela beautiful and pureIt is the flower of my garden.Smelling, white and softMy beautiful JasmineIt stands out among the othersYou are the most beautiful and graceful.Steals all attentionCries melodies, even silentYou exalt a sweet perfumeThat pleases the angelsWho are bestowedWith all your charmsYour smile has its own sparkleWhat lights my lifeIt's so beautiful, look at … Continue lendo My Flower

12 Curiosities about Carlos Drummond de Andrade

Carlos Drummond de Andrade was born on October 31, 1902 in Rio de Janeiro. He was poet, short story and chronicler, and one of the main poets of the second generation of Brazilian Modernism.He is considered by many the most influential Poet of his time.1. Despite being a poet Carlos Drummond was trained in Pharmacy, … Continue lendo 12 Curiosities about Carlos Drummond de Andrade

Who was Francisca Edwiges Neves Gonzaga?

Known as Chiquinha Gonzaga, Francisca Gonzaga was a Brazilian composer, author, instrumentalist and conductor.Born on October 17, 1847, she was the daughter of José Basileu Gonzaga Marshal of the Brazilian Imperial Army and Rosa Maria Neves de Lima, a mulatto daughter of a slave.She has been influenced by music by her teacher, Maestro Elias Álvares … Continue lendo Who was Francisca Edwiges Neves Gonzaga?

7 Curiosities about Ariano Suassuna

Ariano Sussuna Vilar was a great Brazilian writer who was born in 1927 in the city of Paraíba (present day João Pessoa), more precisely within the Palace of Redemption, seat of the executive of the state of Paraíba, because his father was governor.He wrote works of great success as "The Auto of the Compassed" and … Continue lendo 7 Curiosities about Ariano Suassuna

8 Curiosities about Clarice Lispector

Name: His real name was The Hague Pinkhasovna Lispector Nationality: Clarice was born in the Ukraine, being often his era was Brazil and his state of origin was the one of Pernambuco. Languages ​​spoken: Clarice spoke four languages. Yiddish, Portuguese, English and French. First published: Clarice's first publication was a short story, only 19 years … Continue lendo 8 Curiosities about Clarice Lispector