Who was Francisca Edwiges Neves Gonzaga?

Known as Chiquinha Gonzaga, Francisca Gonzaga was a Brazilian composer, author, instrumentalist and conductor.
Born on October 17, 1847, she was the daughter of José Basileu Gonzaga Marshal of the Brazilian Imperial Army and Rosa Maria Neves de Lima, a mulatto daughter of a slave.
She has been influenced by music by her teacher, Maestro Elias Álvares Lobo, and by the lundu, umbigada and other rhythms of Africa.
At the age of 11 he composed his first song, a Christmas song called: Song of the Shepherds.
In 1863, at age 16, she was forced by her father to marry Jacinto Ribeiro do Amaral, and had three children with him. But the marriage lasted little, Chiquinha could not live with all the restrictions imposed on her, especially with regard to music, and then she broke the family and society of the time separating from her husband.
According to the thoughts of the time Francisca was expelled from her house, forbidden to take the youngest son and the middle one, being able to stay with only the oldest.
Later on, Chiquinha becomes a teacher and starts teaching piano on the wheels of chorinho where she meets João Batista de Carvalho with whom she has another daughter, but she left this new relationship because João Batista had extramarital affairs. And again she lost custody of a daughter, Alice Maria. After that, she returns to bohemia and starts to live as an independent musician, suffering prejudice because she is a single mother.
Despite all this struggle against a system that had an unfair treatment with women Chiquinha Gonzaga went further, in her struggle for freedom. She joined militants fighting for the abolition of slavery and the end of the monarchy.
After that Francisca Gonzaga dedicated her life leaving a huge legacy in Brazilian music.
In 1886 he composed the song Sabiá na Mata
In 1889 composed Ó Abre Alas, first composition for the carnival, which became a new musical style Rancho Run.
1902 to 1910 Chiquinha travels to Portugal, and becomes known there.
Finally, Francisca Gonzaga was the founder of the Brazilian Society of Theater Authors.

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