8 Curiosities about Clarice Lispector

His real name was The Hague Pinkhasovna Lispector

Clarice was born in the Ukraine, being often his era was Brazil and his state of origin was the one of Pernambuco.

Languages ​​spoken:
Clarice spoke four languages. Yiddish, Portuguese, English and French.

First published:
Clarice’s first publication was a short story, only 19 years old, since it was published 24 years ago

Volunteer work:
Clarice did volunteer work in Italy while awaiting the Brazilian Expeditionary Force during a World War II.

Once Clarice can be erased in her room in Rio de Janeiro, getting seriously injured. Consumption was lost by a cigarette that a writer used and did not erase.

Clarice participated in a world assembly of witches in Colombia.

Although Clarice has to be burial is not Cemetery, because she was Jewish.

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