7 Curiosities about Ariano Suassuna

Ariano Sussuna Vilar was a great Brazilian writer who was born in 1927 in the city of Paraíba (present day João Pessoa), more precisely within the Palace of Redemption, seat of the executive of the state of Paraíba, because his father was governor.
He wrote works of great success as “The Auto of the Compassed” and “A Woman Dressed of Sun”.
He died in 2014 from a stroke and two days later a cardiac arrest.

1. Arian had the habit of writing his testers by hand. He said, “It’s kind of inhumane to write on the computer.”

2. One of his novels lasted 12 years to be written.

3. The writer declared his love for Brazil several times, and perhaps to prove it, never left the country.

4. Arian was in love with Cervantes, Dostoevsky, and Tolstoy. His passion was so great for War and Peace, it was so great that he knew some decorated pieces.

5. His ideas, most of the time, would appear when he was lying in bed and some of his works were inspired by his dreams.

6. Suassuna was writing a book since 1981 when he died. The curious thing is that the writer said in an interview that he had made a deal with God (he was very Catholic) that if the second volume was disrespectful, God would stop him with death.

7. Ariano built a sanctuary in a city of Pernambuco. The statues are of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

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